Semalt: Top SEO Promotion Trends For 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why bother about SEO promotion trends?
  3. What happened last year?
  4. The top SEO promotion trends for this year
  5. Conclusion


SEO trends change frequently and if you have been using some tools to optimize your content visibility and search ranking, slow down. Those tools and trends might not be relevant in 2022. So instead of wasting time and money on outdated promotion trends, this article will help you put the spotlight on the current trends that you should focus on. These trends will give you maximum ROI and will help you reach those goals you have set. 

So no matter what market you are in, what kind of business you run, or your competition niche, you can use either of these promotion trends. This is especially if you wish to attract new customers in 2022, generate new leads, drive more traffic toward your website, make more sales, and increase your revenue. 

But before we get into the top SEO promotion trends for this year, spare about 2 minutes to get yourself acquainted with why you need to be updated with SEO promotion trends and why you cannot use those from last year. 

Why bother about SEO promotion trends?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and there are only a few people in the world today that don't know what it is. With SEO, a website can improve Google search result ranking, get better visibility, improve customer base, gain authority, and boost revenue. It is a slow but highly profitable process that includes the use of several tools. SEO is intertwined with other terms like positioning, keyword research, Ranking, Inbound links & backlinks, Search engine, website auditing, HTTPS, SERPs, and so much more. 

But why do we need to bother about the trend? Can't one just stick to old-time tools? The answer is no. 

The search for organic content keeps increasing daily and our definition for 'organic' too is changing. In the past, organic content has an in-depth explanation of a topic with examples and instances. Now, there is no time to read long content. A direct answer is more appreciated. So this causes search engines' algorithm to change and this directly affects the kind of SEO tools that are needed to improve ranking. 

When you understand the trend, you can control your position on SERPs. You can also give your customers exactly what they want which would improve your site's user-friendliness and make you a trusted resource. So let's take a look at the trends for last year - briefly and why you can't use them this year. 

What happened last year? 

In 2021, some SEO tactics were overrated and some were underrated. The overrated terms were proposed to be very effective that year for visibility and higher ranking. However, things didn't go as planned. The following SEO terms were overrated in 2021:
And the tactics that were underrated but eventually ruled the year were:
Make sense? 

So how can we be sure that we are not making the same mistake again this year by overrating tactics that won't work?

These trends are backed by views from SEO experts and by current statistics.

Many SEO experts were asked what tools weren't used in 2021 but ended up being needed and which they presume would be effective in this New Year. Then their answers were placed side by side with statistical records relating to each tactic. The result from this gathering process resulted in 10 SEO tools that will trend in 2022 for the promotion of website visibility and ranking. 

The top SEO promotion trends for this year

We are finally here! With no further ado, here are the top 10 SEO promotion trends that are certain would work for you in 2022. 
  1. Video SEO
  2. User Search Intent
  3. Mobile-First index
  4. Content quality
  5. Internal linking
  6. Backlinks
  7. Content updating
  8. User Experience (UX)
  9. E-A-T
  10. Local SEO

Now into the explanation in detail:

1. Video SEO

If you haven't noticed, video-based applications have been booming since late last year and experts have forecasted that video content will take the lead over written content. So if you have video content, it's time to optimize them because it will most likely be the face of your brand this year. 

How can you optimize your videos? 

It's not so far-fetched. Same with the usual SEO, focus on your viewers' needs and not the algorithms, make it brief but value-packed, and use autocomplete to find keywords to place in your descriptions, titles, and in the video too. 

2. User Search Intent

Search intent refers to direct results that give a Google user straightforward answers to their search query. Have you noticed recently that when you ask a question on Google, the first result can already give you answers without having to click on the site? To get your website to that point, you have to directly answer users' search queries in your content. 

Search intent can be divided into four:
Working with user search intent will not only guide you to the first position on SERPs, but it would also help you keep your content brief, user-friendly, value-packed, and straightforward. You would hit your keywords directly. 

3. Mobile-First Index (Mobile SEO)

Still on mobile SEO. This was a ranking factor in 2021 and it is still going to trend in 2022. In fact, Google has rolled out mobile-first indexing which means that a website's mobile-friendliness is more important than how it looks on a desktop page. Working on your website's mobile readability index should be one of your focuses this year. 

4. Content Quality

This is most likely always going to be trending. Businesses need to have a clear view of their content goal with direct steps on how to get there. Inclusion of easy-to-read text, high-quality & relative images, videos, and other media formats will also be ranked high. 

5. Internal Linking

If you have a cluster of related articles or videos, now would be a good year to interlink them together. You would easily become an authority when your content seems to be able to provide in-depth knowledge on the said topic with proof of expertise. 

6. Backlinks

Backlinks are not going anywhere in 2022. But instead of quantity, businesses should focus on more quality backlinks for relevant sites with high DR. This is what would get you to the top.

7. Content Updating

This year is the best year to stop and review all your old content. Stop trying to make new content for a minute and update your past creations. Add latest keywords, review the media content and replace them if it is necessary. Add new links and remove old and outdated ones too. Non-stop content Updating will keep your website fresh and will most certainly call Google's attention too. That will make you rank better than your competitors. 

8. User Experience (UX)

Google is now more interested in how users interact with your site. Google box might have indexed your website to be fairly 'okay' but a failing UX will bring the ranks down. 

So the focus this year should be to chase after user satisfaction by making your website easy to access, use and navigate through. To guarantee a good website UX, your page should load fast, have the right font with user-friendly themes and sitemap. Your website should also be secured. No one wants to lose their data to an unsecured webpage. You can also test your website to see the level of UX before uploading it to the web. 

9. E-A-T

If you don't already know, E-A-T refers to the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of your site. And though E-A-T is not a direct ranking factor, it is used to gauge a site's credibility. In 2022, visitors need to be sure that they can trust you to provide content they can trust. You would need to show them that you are an expert in the topic and a befitting go-to resource for their questions. And though this will not take you straight to the top, it works hand-in-hand with ranking factors and would make you an authority. 

10. Local SEO

Experts have forecasted that consumers are more interested in information, products, or services that are within their locale. So to take high for your locale in any other region, add keywords that rank high in those regions. This works best if you are a brand with many branches. Using local SEO will make sure all your branches have good visibility. 


Let's recap. SEO tools are the driving force that takes your website from point zero to the top online. And since our definition of quality and useful content changes frequently, Google and other search engines also modify their ranking factors to suit our demands. This causes SEO trends also to change. But by keeping tabs on the trends, you can continue to drive traffic to your site regardless of the demands from searchers online. And best of all, things don't have to be difficult. You can outsource this department to companies that specialize in SEO and its trends. Not only will they keep your website in line with search engines' guidelines, but they also do frequent updates and upgrades to make sure that your website is serving your customers, search engines, and you.